BRONXINC inspired by the name of a popular area in New York, it is called BRONX. Why BRONX became the background of this brand? The answer is; when we heard BRONX as a word, the first thing that comes to our mind is focusing to a packed of a chaotic, cruel, rebellion area, and also an image of a mess street life, beside the expressions liberty that expressed in that place. Though with those hard condition, BRONX grows become something that emerge the new culture, and ‘till then; become a trend setter for the youth generation which spreads all over the universe. Through that background, BRONXINC appeared as a new born brand.

BRONXINC formed in February 1st 2012 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. BRONXINC as a clothing company would be focused on male fashion outfit as the target audience. BRONXINC producing T-shirt with surely qualified material and the indulging of comfort wear for every customer. BRONXINC, has a unique character design, with its simple, creative, and masculine. Occasionally, there are provocative quotes inside the T-shirt’s design as the BRONXINC identity.

The expression liberty become a plus value for every design, just like a masculinity freedom to expressed their truly figure. Their idealism of never ever stoop one’s head to the patrons, and liable to be rebel for a truly figure freedom would be reflected from BRONXINC.